Robinson Family Farm in Temple, Texas is trying to help those who lost vehicles and other valuable items during the grass fire at their parking area over the weekend.

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The Robinson family is also collecting donations of car seats for those who lost theirs in the fire.

Robinson Family Farm Fire

In the meantime, KCEN is reporting that farm owners Helen and Brian Robinson are letting owners with affected vehicles take photos for their personal insurance claims and remove what can be saved.

After a grand re-opening at a new location last month, the Robinson Family Farm had to close operations early when a large grass fire destroyed over 70 vehicles Saturday, October 15th at 2651 Bob White Road in Temple.

An investigation to discover the source of the fire is currently in progress. Helen Robinson said Bell County Fire Marshal is claiming the fire was ignited from an "improperly discarded" cigarette into the grass in the parking lot, according to KCEN.

Robinson Family Farm Opening Date

As of right now, Robinson says victims are the priority, and she doesn't expect the farm to be held liable for the fire. She adds that most of the people facing losses have been talking with their personal insurance companies, and she hopes what happened won't discourage people from visiting the farm when it opens again.

The Robinson Family Farm plans to re-open to the public on Saturday, October 22nd. To donate a car seat, you can email

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