The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says Stillhouse Hallow Lake is filled with debris thanks to the recent flooding in central Texas. Brad Ellis, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says Stillhouse Hallow Lake is littered with logs, mud, and all kids of hazards. Even structures and boat ramps still need to be cleaned thanks to heavy rains in central Texas going all the way back to April.

According to the Corps, Stillhouse Hallow is still 9 feet above its normal level of 622 feet. Among the areas hardest hit is Union Grove Park on the south side of the lake near Salado. The Corps now has contractors working hard to clean up the area. Ellis said, "You couldn’t even drive through the park because it was so bad. We had to open that area up to get our people in to fix the electrical components and other utilities."

If your looking for boat ramps, the only serviceable ramps are on Lake Belton at Belton Lakeview Park, and at Cedar Ridge. The only parks opened right now according to Ellis are Belton Lakeview Park and Miller Springs Park.

Water levels will have to continue to recede before the corps can evaluate further damage around Lake Belton. It's still 23 feet over its normal level as of Thursday. Water is currently being passed through the spillway at 6,284 cubic feet per second.