I got invited to a Super Bowl party today.  It's a Super Bowl party that sounds like a one-of-a-kind event that would be a shame to miss.  Or not.  It's not that I don't appreciate the invite (I do), or that I wouldn't want to hang out and watch a football game with those expected to be in attendance (I would), it's just that I'm kind of a homebody when it comes to watching sporting events.  And I blame all of you.

Let me explain.  Although I was an Air Force brat and didn't actually live in Oklahoma until I was 16, my mom and my dad's families live in Oklahoma, and Sooner blood pumps through my veins.  I went to OU.  I've traveled far and wide to see them play.  My son's friends have literally been scared away by my very vocal support or disgust during OU games.  I've learned to temper that during my 10+ years in Texas.  I'm deep in enemy territory.  My boss is UT alum.  I briefly worked for the Baylor flagship station.

I've learned to watch my tongue around others.  While it's kept me employed and somewhat more tolerant to be around during football season, it's also decreased my desire to be around others during big games.  That, however, is not the reason to not watch this game.  I don't have a dog in this fight (with apologies to Mike Vick).  I'm not going to be greatly upset or elated based on which Harbaugh brother wins.  It might be safer to stay at home with some tasty Super Bowl party recipes.

There are really two questions to ask yourself when considering whether to catch the game at a party or just stay at home.  First question:  Do you want to watch the commercials?  Second question:  Do you want to drink any adult beverages?  If you answered yes to either of those questions you may want to stay home.

I care about the commercials because part of my job is to talk about those commercials the next day on the radio.  It's what half the viewing audience is talking about at the water cooler.  The outcome of the game (unless spectacular) is secondary.  I'm also a big proponent of the DD rule.  Drinking and driving any time isn't acceptable, but even if you do dance with that devil Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Eve and other big party dates are not the date you'd want to risk it.  I don't know a single person of driving age that would be willing to drive me that 15 miles home when the final whistle blows.

There's also the possibility of the game being a dud.  If that's the case it's a lot easier to change the channel than it would be to pack up all my stuff and drive home.  There's a lot of good reasons to stay home.  You're probably asking yourself why I'm even debating the topic when it seems like I'm so down on the whole idea.  The issue that always levels the playing field is based on my history of missing out on the best parties.

It goes back to my youth, when my desire to be home by curfew would mean that I'd hear about all the fun that happened after I'd left (come to think of it, maybe I'm what was holding the party back).  I always hear about the great stuff that happened, and I hate missing out.  Yes, I'm the kid that still gets talked into stupidity by peer pressure.  Yes, I'd jump of the bridge if all my friends were doing it.

I also like the option of DVR at the house.  I can hit pause and run to the restroom without holding out until the halftime show begins.  If I want to see that sweet GoDaddy.com commercial again, and again, and again, I can hit rewind.  Not the case with a mixed crowd with vocal ladies objecting.

In the end, we can speculate all we want, but I'll probably do what I always do... say I'll come and not, or say I won't make it then crash they party.  I'm a complex person, I guess.

What's your preference?  Do you watch the game at home?  At a friend's house?  At a restaurant/bar?