Temple police are investigating after another vehicle was struck by a rock as it came out from underneath an I-35 overpass.

It's the fourth time a car has been damaged by a rock since March of this year, when Keila Flores was fatally injured after a rock thrown from an overpass smashed through the windshield of her car on March 9.

Police are on the case, but can't confirm if this incident is related to the other three occasions when rocks had been thrown off various overpasses in the Temple and Belton areas in recent weeks.

On Monday, a vehicle was struck while traveling south on the interstate at Loop 363. Police could see the damage to the passenger side of the windshield as shown in the video from Fox 44.

The driver didn't see anyone on the overpass, and police could not locate the rock that did the damage.

Police have been looking into the matter after investigating three more reports of drivers who said they had been struck by objects including rocks and even an egg as the drove on US Highway 190/ Interstate 14. Many of the reports came in late at night.

Please drive safely through these areas if you are traveling late at night. If you see strange activity, please call local police.


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