We hear all the time what a badass mother nature is, the fury she yields.  Yet, she still allows us to take advantage of her and raid her assets.  Maybe it's time mom tried some tough love.

Sure, you could consider me part of the problem.  I'm the guy that doesn't think twice before buying a plastic bottle filled with liquid I could easily get from my tap in a reusable cup.  I'll double-bag it at the grocery store, even if it's not 100% necessary.  I won't open the door into the garage, walk three steps and place the recycling in the separate trash can for the recycling bin.

It's not that I don't want to take care of ma', but it's a lot of work.  Matter of fact, the only time I'll actually use the recycling bin with regularity is when the regular trash can outside is overflowing.  I'm like that bratty child that gets upset & breaks his own toys.  It's more of a protest against the city against mother nature, but who's counting, right?

In a lot of bigger cities & suburbs there's only one truck coming for your trash & recyclables.  They'll separate it themselves.  Not here.  No, no.  You make a mistake and put something that's not supposed to be in the there, they'll get out of their trucks to leave a note chastising you.  The irony of my disgust in myself for not caring more is that I DO a lot more than most.  It still doesn't make a drop in the bucket.

Photo by Bharat Bhushan/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

This is very similar to that trouble child you've got that needs some tough love.  You've done your best, you've taught them all the lessons you can, and still they dump all over your.  We're treating mother nature like a pushover parent that we know will never kick us out of the basement.

It's about time for mother nature to cut us off.  We've stolen money from her wallet & pawned her heirloom jewelry one too many times.  The only way we're going to learn a lesson is by spending a few nights on our buddy's futon sleeper.  Maybe then we'll get a clue.  Probably not, though.

Ma-Nature is gonna have a get tough.  No more oil from her insides.  She's gotta cut the umbilical cord and let us twist in the wind.  Cut off our oil, dry up the wells and mankind will get very creative, very quickly.  Oil barons will suddenly become very interested in putting an electric car in every driveway, but much like the son that won't get off his ass & find a job, we're not gonna do it until we don't know where our next meal (or tank of gas) will be found.

Mother nature has been far too lenient for far too long.  This is gonna hurt her more than it hurts us, but it's time to change the locks and install a security system.  It's the only way we'll learn.  Tough love.  Happy Earth Day, ma.