Yes, you read right. Fewer poor people in Texas will be going to jail. But that's not the story.

The story is scary, as BuzzFeedNews reports that this idea, to jail fewer poor people, is infuriating some court officers.

This whole idea was to ensure people who couldn't afford their traffic tickets have an alternative to going to jail. But the pushback is shocking.

The chief clerk at Bowie County court, near the Arkansas border, one Lisa Myrtle wrote...

Don’t think by giving them this help that they are going to go out and get Insurance-No not going to happen. What is going to happen is our court loses and once again the defendant wins no lesson is learned, and where is the Justice. Remember the day in Ferguson when the Payless Shoe store got looted? Well guess what not a single pair of work boots were taken. Go figure!


In Burnet County, a court collections officer wrote:

People have told her they cannot afford fines, but then gotten arrested multiple times for public intoxication. So they have money for their beer but not money to pay their fines and fees?

These comments, and many others, were submitted in response to a proposal by the Texas Judicial Council. They study and report on the state's judicial procedures. They suggested giving judges more explicit guidelines to help determine people's ability to pay and more leeway to extend their payment deadlines

As of right now, Texas law prohibits jailing people who cannot afford to pay their fines. That is unless they're offered community service and refuse to do it.

A BuzzFeed News article, which was published last year, found that some judges in Texas were flouting the law and incarcerating people simply because the didn't have the money.

Just because they can't contribute to your re-election campaign is no reason to toss their butt in jail people. If they've proven to be deadbeats, yes by all means toss the book like a salad, but we expect you to try and help people who are trying. And if you can't tell the difference, get off the bench.