(Belton, Texas): Two people were hospitalized Sunday (Sep. 4) after strong winds caused a sign to fall on them at the Bell County Expo Center.

Bell County Public Information Officer James Stafford reports that the sign located near the entrance of the Central Texas State Fair grounds had been supported by 55-gallon drums filled with water. However, the wind proved stronger than the support, and the sign collapsed onto the two fair visitors.

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According to Stafford, emergency medical crews on the scene provided first aid before both people were transferred to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Temple - one with critical injuries.

"Bell County staff have been left reeling by this tragedy," Stafford wrote in a news release. " Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families."

On their Facebook page, Central Texas State Fair organizers announced Sunday evening that they had cancelled the remainder of the fair, including a live performance by artist Charley Crockett, due to the weather. Officials said they would be providing information and updates on refunds over the coming week.

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