It's been almost two years since talk started about moving the confederate statue outside the Bell County Courthouse in Belton, Texas.

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Sounds like talk was all it was, as the Bell County Commissioners met on Monday and have decided not to move forward to renew those talks.

Summer of 2020

The summer of 2020 saw lots of change across America. From social justice causes to a new "woke" society, just about everything was put under the microscope. Leaders and officials across the country decided that anything that had to do with any form of racism would have to go. That included names of streets, parks, buildings and military bases, just to name a few.

The result of that Summer of 2020 had an affect here in Central Texas when Confederate Park in Belton was renamed to Liberty Park. Now talk is underway to rename Fort Hood, and there was even a discussion to move the Confederate statue from in front of the old courthouse in Belton.

So what ever happened with that?

Bell County Courthouse Confederate Statue

In the summer of 2020, Bell County Commissioners met and talked about removing the statue, but nothing was officially decided. At the time, Judge David Blackburn said it may be for the voters to decide, but according to the Bell County Commissioners Court, Texas law prohibits a vote on the issue. So until that law is changed, voters will not get to decide the fate of the statue.

No Plans to Move

According to KWTX, Precinct 4 County Commissioner John Driver took to the court on Monday to revive the talks, but was met with silence on the issue. No vote was taken to revive the conversation and put the issue on a future ballot. Driver believes that the statue should be moved, saying, “I believe in history and I don’t have nothing wrong with the statue, it just shouldn’t be there.”  

Although talks on the issue aren't completely dead, there are currently no plans to move or discuss the potential move of the statue that's been there since 1916.

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