Sunday was National Lemonade Day, and all across Central Texas kids were hard at work selling refreshment by the glass in parks to folks passing by.

Olivia set up her stand near The Gin at Nolan Creek in downtown Belton. We stopped by to say hello to this young entrepreneur who was selling lemonade for the 3rd summer in a row.

Olivia's Lemonade features mint leaves grown in Salado, Blackberries from Temple, and local honey that comes from right here in Central Texas. It sure was good! Congrats to all the kids in Central Texas hard at work this weekend. While we couldn't visit every lemonade stand, it sure was something to feel good about to see so many working hard to accomplish their individual goals! Cheers!

Olivia comes back for a third year to sell lemonade made from 100% local ingredients in Belton.

Every year Olivia allocates some of her lemonade earnings to her college fund. But you can't be a kid without some of the fun stuff! She also wants to buy some roller blades and maybe a musical instrument if finances allow for it.