Rob Routly's dream of seeing a Dallas Cowboys football game was granted by some very special people this past week. Mr. Routly suffers from Huntington's disease, and at the age of 52, he wondered if he'd ever be able to see his lifelong favorite football team play live while sitting in the stands.

This wish was granted by some anonymous donors who learned of Routly's wish from the nurses who take care of him at the Waco hospice facility. They managed to round up tickets to the Cowboys vs Bears game this past Sunday, a suite for Rob and his family, and all the free football refreshments his party could ask for.

Huntington's disease is a fatal condition for which there is no known cure. While it has affected Routly's speech, he still remains at the top of his game in terms of knowledge of the team and Cowboys history.

KWTX reported Routly's nurse Jacque Harris accompanied Rob's family to the game, and that she said, "We want to fit in every exciting possible thing in, in the time we have."

Rob's mother Mary Routly said "I don't think he'll ever forget it. I think he will think about it everyday, I really do."