As a police officer, you've got to be prepared for anything. In Texas, that means you may have to play cowboy in an impromptu rodeo. Tempe Police uploaded a video titled 'Unknown heifer has beef with TPD' to their Facebook page Friday in which they do just that.

Dashcam footage from Thursday, March 23 shows a cow enjoying the view of a lovely green field at Wilson Park when an officer's cruiser approaches. The cow hoofs it, and the chase begins!

She's eventually corralled safely into a fenced area, but she ain't havin' that! She charges at the officer, who's smart enough to get the heck out of her way.

According to a news release from Temple Police Sgt. M. Bolton, the cow was last seen headed eat outside of town at 8:30 PM.

It's not clear if the cow will faces charges of evasion or attempting to assault a police officer. What is clear is that Temple police have a good sense of humor, as does the Belton PD, as evidenced by their response to the video.

Temple PD Facebook
Temple PD Facebook

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