Though the high school football season has yet to begin, the Temple Wildcats are already winning something in April. Local photographer Joe Olivares won Friday Night Football Magazine's Photographer of the Year.

This photo, titled "Showdown at Sunset"will be featured in Friday Night Football Magazine | Photo by Joe Olivares

The Temple High photo titled, "Showdown at Sundown" won with 41.3% of the votes, which totaled 3,054 votes out of 7,396. Second place was a touchdown shot of a Harlandale High tight end diving into the end zone in San Antonio.

Harlandale High's photo won second place with 2,857 votes. | Photo by Amanda Martinez

Joe put out a "Thank You" on Facebook when he found out he had won.

The contest was never about me, it was always about a picture in time of some boys in a football uniform that they consider a privilege to wear.