It was in a reflection of a window that I first noticed it.  As I was going back in my mind, thinking if I'd ever worn this clothing & sunglass combination before.  I think this was a first.  And likely a last.

The cooler weather that kept temperatures in the 50s throughout Central Texas on Monday meant I was forced to pull the hoodie out of... well, to be honest, I still hadn't taken it out of the back floorboard of my truck.  I was in a hurry, throwing on clothes, hat & sunglasses to make it as quickly as I could to my son's baseball game.

Someone at the baseball game asked if I was going incognito, to which I replied, "I only go incognito on my Google searches", to which my wife responded with a suspicious glare.  No, this is just a poor fashion choice.  I'm not hiding. Nor do I have a manifesto.  I'm barely at 200 words in the article & I'm spent.  Aint nobody got time for manifestos.  I can't even watch what I want to watch on TV at my own house, it's not like I've got anything to demand elsewhere.

Does this guy remind you of anyone?

Maybe this guy?

Photo by Allan Tannenbaum/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images[/caption] 

I think I need to update my fashion choices.  My current "unabomber circa mid-1990s" look isn't great for me.