Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Temple has found a fun way to help you get out a little aggression and help with Hurricane Ida relief at the same time.

Smashing Good Time

For the low, low cost of just one dollar per swing, you can release a little pent up anger and smash a car while raising some money for Hurricane Ida relief.

The Car Smash will happen as part of Holy Trinity Catholic High School's homecoming game Tailgate Party on Friday, September 17th starting at 4:30pm.

The car was donated by Budget Wrench-A-Part.

Where Is This Happening?

You'll find Holy Trinity Catholic High School at 6608 W Adams Ave in Temple. They're right next door to the new Dutch Bros Coffee.

Safety First

Renee Morales, Director of Admissions, Communications, and Marketing with Holy Trinity, tell us those who help in demolishing the vehicle will be required to wear protective gear to avoid injury.

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Stay for a Bite

There will also be a pep rally, and you're welcome to grab one of the hamburger baskets (chips and drink included) available for purchase.

So Many Ways to Help

If you can't make it out that day or smashing a car to bits isn't in your plans, but you are still looking for ways to help our neighbors affected by Hurricane Ida, here are a few great organizations to keep in mind when donating.

Project Hope - Founded in the wake of Katrina, this organization is looking to distribute hygiene kits and N95 masks to victims and aid workers.

Save the Children - This group is focusing primarily on getting hygiene kits, diapers, and wipes to families with young children.

Relief Gang - This Houston-based group is sending search and rescue teams to help in the wake of Ida.

American Red Cross - The American Red Cross has been helping those in need since 1881. Donations to the American Red Cross will help with sheltering and more for those displaced by Hurricane Ida.

United Way - The United Way of Southeast Louisiana will use the donations to help families who have been displaced from their homes while helping schools and businesses rebuild.

The Salvation Army - The Salvation Army helps those with food, clothing, clean up and emotional support. The Salvation Army says you can donate directly to those who need the help from Ida with 100% of your donation going to the victims that need it.

Americares - Americares is another emergency response organization that provides relief to those in-need following disasters.

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