Hey Gang,

Big Q with a tip for you.

Let’s start with a story from Europe.  Ikea has pulled its balls on the shelves.  I love Europe, there so “open”, I mean pulling on your balls in public…it’s so Sweden.  I remember this one time, when I was stationed in Germany, we all planned on going to Sweden.


What?  Oh, I’m sorry.  It seems I misheard. Ikea has pulled all it’s meatballs from the shelf.  Well that’s completely different.  Sorry about that.

It seems that the “meat” balls had horse meat in it.  This has been happening a lot lately across the pond.  In all fairness, the package said “Meatballs”, not “Ground Beef Balls”.  I know, it’s a stretch, but Europe has had a mad cow scare before.  Ikea might have been positioning itself, just in case it happened again, they can say, "well our meatballs have horse meat, so they're safe".  Works in theory, unless you get caught before there's a mad cow scare, then you just look shady.

The big issue now is; what to do with all this food. Yes, it is horse meat, but its meat non the less.  Do we allow fellow humans to starve because we have issues with killing horses?  Plus, why is “give it to the poor” the first option?  It didn’t work to well for Marie Antoinette.  Certainly there are Countries who view meat as meat and will be more than happy to eat it.  Why not sell it to them?

Now you’re asking, “Should Ikea be allowed to profit from horse meat?”  Well, Ikea should be allowed to profit, because they’re a business, it’s what they’re meant to do.                 They should be fined for initially deceiving their customers.  So, allow them to sell the food, then, fine them the price of the sale.

That seems fair.  So, obviously that won’t be done.  After all, we’re talking big business here.

The Big Q Tip; don’t buy meatballs from Ikea.  Really people that should be a given.  Horse meat, hell, I’m more surprised they didn’t find glued wood inside the meatballs.  It’s Ikea for goodness sake!  It's what you eat on, not what you eat!

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