Hey Gang,

Before I decided to start living paycheck to paycheck on the radio, I was living paycheck to paycheck in the food service industry.  One of the many things I learned during that time is to always repeat the order.  This is something a Baker from Indiana learned the hard way.


When a customer asked him to print a picture of her daughter on the graduation cake, she said to put a cap on her head.  The baker heard "cat".  Why would you want a cat on your head?  This is the first thought through my brain when I heard this, why was it not the bakers?  He didn't ask, and now the Mom, Carol Gambrel, and Daughter, Laura Gabrel, are telling.

I have no idea if Laura's time at Indiana State was memorable, but her Graduation Cake certainly was.  I guess they've got a good sense of humor about it since they posted the pic on Reddit.  The family is calling it the "Cat Cake".

 The Big Q Tip...if you hear something that don't make sense, ask them to repeat it.  Imagine if the editors of Dr. Seuss's "Cat in a Hat" miss heard it as "Cat in a Rat". I imagine the story would have taken a little bit more darker turn.  Also, if you run a bakery, you might want to offer a special on cat head cake, because I'm guessing there might be a run on them in the future.