Hey gang,

A few years back I needed to get a new cell phone, so I went into the AT&T building and asked for something simple.  The store clerk, who looked like he spent a good portion of his teen years in a locker, asked me if I'd be interested in an I-Phone.  I made sure to look him in the eye and said this..."I came in for a phone.  I want something that when it rings, I pick it up.  I don't need to listen to music in-between calls, I have a Sony Walkman for that."  He responded with, "But how do you stay organized?"  "Pencil and paper buddy."  "But the I-Phone is..." That's I stopped him, turned around, and walked out.  I made a promise to myself that I would never own a I-Phone.  Yesterday, I bought a galaxy SII, and today, I had an emotional meltdown.

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I was working on a commercial when my new Q-phone started making noise.  I haven't figured out yet how to make it ring like a phone, but I picked it up and touched the green button...and the phone kept making noise.  I kept hitting the green button and screaming hello, and still the phone would not pick up.  Finally the person hung up, and I'm sitting in my re-enforced air chair, simply God-smacked at the fact that this "smart phone" is difficult to answer.  I loose my mind.  I completely forget about using vegetables in place of curse words and I go into a huge 5th grader swear attack.  Finally, Brandi came in and said you have to touch and slide the green button.  And she said it like I was stupid for not knowing that.  At what FN point in history has anyone had to touch and slide a phone to get it to work?  Day one with smart phone...Feel very dumb.  I think I've over-reached and am about to fall, or is it fail?