Hey Gang,
      Good news today for all you parents of Central Texas youth.  A website call Money Under30 just release a list of the best cities for being Young, Broke, and Single, and you're just a few miles away from the winner.
You can now kick your kid out of the house at 18, like you planned all along, and now you can feel less guilty about it because the best city to be Young, Broke, and Single in, is Austin Texas.
The list was based on such factors as the number of bars, the cost of living, the percentage of the population that's between the ages of 18 and 44, the percentage of the population that's single, and the unemployment rate.

In case your child is picky, the rest of the top 10 are as follows...Salt Lake City...Durham, the one in North Carolina....Columbus, Ohio...don't drop the Baton Rouge...Omaha, yea, I know it's Nebraska but maybe your kid doesn't...New Orleans...Des Moines...double mocha latte fishy smell screen saver Seattle...and I'll huff and puff and blow your Alfred P. Murrah down Oklahoma City.  Feel free to check out the full article for the top 20 cities in case your kid is extra picky.  I should mention that there are 2 other Texas cities in the list.

Your Big Q Tip, definitely give your kid the options of the other cities you'd be willing to drop him off at, but, lean the choice to Austin.  Maybe make them feel guilty in some way.  I say some way because I'm not a parent and there for have not received the "guilty" training seminar that all parents seem to get. To do my due diligence of being a public service outlet, here's a little P.R. video for Austin.