The first person to ever retire from the Killeen Police Department passed away this year.

Captain Mangerich, Killeen PD
Captain Mangerich, Killeen PD

According to a press release from the Killeen Police Department, Captain William Victor Mangerich, 101, passed away on January 21, 2020.

Captain Mangerich (Ret.) first joined the Killeen PD in 1949 after serving in the army during WWII. He originally began his career as a patrolman, but worked in a variety of positions with the department. In 1979, thirty years after joining the KPD, Mangerich retired as Police Captain.

Captain Mangerich was the first person in Killeen Police Department history to retire. The first chief of Police in Killeen, William Douglas, was elected by secret ballot in 1949, the same year Mangerich joined the department. Back then, the chief earned $175 a month, while patrolmen earned $150 a month according to the greater Killeen chamber of commerce.

While many things have changed over the years, we never want to forget our community's humble beginnings. This is why it is important to remember and honor the passing of one of our community's leaders.

The funeral service for Captain William Victor Mangerich will be at the First Baptist Church Trimmier. The burial will follow with Police Honors at Live Oak Cemetery in Youngsport on Friday, January 31, 2020

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