Recently, law enforcement in Copperas Cove were looking someone in connection in the shooting of a H-E-B window. After investigation, police have a man in custody for the incident after security footage revealed the suspect in question.

Results Of Investigation

According a press release from Copperas Cove Police, when police first arrived at the store at 5:40 PM. They observed the broken glass window, which officials reported was shot around the time of 5:30 PM. Police were able to obtain a bullet fragment, and used a laser to find the exact angle from where the bullet was fired.

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Detectives then looked at security footage before the incident occurred and observed one vehicle that was behaving suspiciously.

Vehicle And Suspect

The vehicle was identified as a 2013 Black Volkswagen Sedan. The driver, Clay Mitchell McCumber, was first seen leaving the inside of the H-E-B around the time of 5:15 PM. After leaving the store, McCumber left one area of the parking lot and moved to the area where law enforcement believed where the shot was fired from.

McCumber was seen on video driving to the area and then stopping to get out of the vehicle. He was also viewed having a towel, which law enforcement viewed him removing an unidentified item and placing it into the trunk of the Volkswagen.

McCumber was also revealed to work at the establishment, after he was viewed re-entering the store to clock in for a reported shift. Further investigation also revealed that another incident that took place on October 8th involved McCumber.

McCumber has been arraigned and bond was set at $75,000.

As this a developing story with the investigation still ongoing according to the department, more details will be provided when they become available.

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