A nine year old Central Texas girl who is already a successful entrepreneur from selling soaps, candles, and bath salts is now focused on making custom face masks to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

According to News 10, Sophia Draper shifted from making her original products to something she thought would be meaningful during this time.  She noticed a lot of the mask were uncomfortable and bland and she wanted to add her own flare to them to make them more stylish.

Her parents helped her come up with the idea to customize more effective masks.

The mask were designed for comfort while working outdoors or exercising. They feature a filtration system close to the sames as N-95 masks.

She adds her on logos and artwork to each mask to make them unique.

“Police and fire fighters, due to Covid-19, they needed something to protect them so these are the masks I came up with to keep them safe,” Sophia said.

First of responders all over Central Texas have ordered hundreds of these mask.

Private companies are ordering them as well. In fact, 10,000 of Sophia's masks were just ordered by Coca-Cola for their warehouse workers. Sophia's father says forklift drivers in particular are looking to wear them because of issues they've had with glasses and goggles fogging up.

This is crazy awesome to see a Central Texas nine year old have such business acumen and drive and be so successful at helping out others at the same time.

If you're interested in any of the homemade products Sophia offers, check out her Facebook page.

Thanks to our partners at News 10 for sharing this awesome story.

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