For all lawyer-types with the Church of Scientology, from here forward in this website post please understand that when I refer to Tom Cruise as being crazy I mean that only in a figurative capacity.  We all know he's "clear" and is the perfect human.  That being said, Tom Cruise is freakin' nuts.

I don't mean Tom Cruise is nuts because he believes aliens came to Earth billions of years ago in DC-10s and dropped his people in a volcano.  I mean he's nuts because he's worth nearly a billion dollars (that the church knows about) and he's hanging off of mountains and outside of flying airplanes just to be able to say he does his own stunts.  NUTS!!!

I first heard about the craziness of Cruise doing his own stunts back during the filming of an earlier Mission: Impossible movie.  I couldn't find that video on YouTube, but I did find this.


That's really incredible.  I guess.  It's soooo two-thousand-late.  Check out the Tom Cruise Cyborg 7.2, the 2015 model.


Pretty amazing footage, and I bow down to Tom Cruise for having the manhood to do his own stunts, unnecessarily risking his livelihood just because he doesn't like stunt doubles or CGI.  In honor of that OTHER Tom Cruise, here are his 10 craziest moments.