Hey Gang, Big Q here to toss you a tip.  A few years back I got tired of the radio biz and decided to try my hand at a “real” job.  I actually dressed in nice clothes, combed my hair, and had shoes that needed to be shined.  It was god awful.  The main reason it "sucked the candy coating" was because the world has become so litigious.  Businesses don't want to get sued, so, they have you sign paperwork making it harder for you to sue.

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One of the sheets I had to sign was, in basic terms, signed away every right I had as an American Citizen.  I even brought this up to them, and was told, point blank, that I was right, but  if I didn’t sign, I’d be escorted out the building.  I was younger then, and the option of “shooting up the place” had not been glorified by the nightly news yet, so I signed everything away.  Big surprise, about a year later, someone over heard me make some stupid comment about women being bear foot and pregnant in the kitchen, and out the door I went.  (side tip – It seems it’s O.K. to eavesdrop, but it’s not O.K. for two Ignorant Neanderthals to have a conversation.)

I’m sure you’ve heard about Teri James this morning.  If not; Teri James was hired by San Diego Christian College.  They made here sign paperwork stating that she wouldn’t engage in immoral behavior, including premarital sex.  No big surprise, it is, after all, a“Christian” College.  She got pregnant, then got fired.  Now she suing.  Really?  You signed the paperwork.

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She told the “Today” show that quote “I need a job in this economy and so I never thought anything would happen”.  Again, really?  Do you have a really beautiful signature or something?  Did you think that the HR Department loved to watch you sign things just for fun?

"My God! Look at the way she makes her "T".  It's orgasmic!  Quick, make her sign something else!"

In an ironic twist, the school turned around and offered her job to her fiance.  You know, the guy that got her prego in the first place.  Maybe someone should explain how sex works to the school board.

This is going to be a fun one, so you can buy your ticket now, or wait till later, but it’s going to be a ride.

Do I think the school was right? Hell No!  But she signed the paperwork.

Your Big Q Tip…Don’t sign the paperwork.  And if you do the sign the paperwork, don’t sue when you get caught breaking the contract.

Would you sign paperwork taking away your rights, just to get a job?  Would you sue when you got caught? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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