Growing up, I always enjoyed reading.  I have to say that my taste never ran into the macabre.  Enter stage left, a beautiful girl.  Yes, I'm afflicted with the disease of doing what a nice pair of...eyes suggests that I do.  So when this nice pair of eyes suggested that I read Stephen Kings, "The Stand", I did.  By the time I got 50 pages in even the nice pair couldn't tear me away from it.  I've always been a glutton for chocolate, after this, I was a glutton for the King.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  Some of it amazed me, some other pissed me off.  After a few disappointing efforts I stopped reading him.  But last year, I can't say why, I started again.  I re-read "The Stand" for the 8th time, and then I found on of his latest books...11/22/63.


It was about a man who came back in time to stop the assignation of JFK.  As usual with King, the characters were so well written that they became real to me.  It helped that the main character lands in Central Texas.  Killeen even gets a mention, except they spell it wrong.  I highly recommend this book.  And now I've learned that a highly respected director wants to bring it to the small screen.  That's a good thing, because that means they'll have time, ie more than 2 hours, to develop the characters and tell the story correctly.  Note to Hollywood.  Go against the grain, and DON'T screw it up.