I've written in the past about trying to be a father my kids can look up to as a role model in their lives.  That hasn't always worked out as planned, because just like every other citizen of planet earth (not named Jesus) I'm not perfect.  More often than not, trying is the first step toward failure.

Logan didn't get to Hydro Fly & he didn't get to go tubing, but he got in some good boat-driving time. He's a pro. Photo by Jamie Garrett

Yesterday, however, I had a moment the kids were probably pretty impressed with.  If you've seen the Hydro Flyer out on Belton Lake in the past few months you've probably thought, "Man, I'd love to try that".  Well, yesterday was my day.

Lloyd at Old School Boat Rentals got a call right after we got out on the water for the Party Pontoon.  Hydro Fly of Central Texas was out on the water, and after a quick trip to Temple Lake Park to drop off some prizes from Miller & Coors we headed back.  All the while, my son Tyler was being dragged behind the boat on a tube, even when his younger brother, Logan, was behind the boat's wheel.

Hydro Fly of Central Texas has made its home at Frank's Marina over by the Deadfish Grill off 439 in Belton.  I didn't think there was enough power in that jet ski to get me up in the air.  Turns out the only thing that stopped my fun was... me.  Trying to squeeze my multiple-X's into an XL wet suit was where the problem began.  My lack of an ability to bend in certain directions made in difficult to get positioned & ready to go.

As you can see from the video, it was over with quickly.  All in all, I was probably in the water no more than ten minutes.  Lloyd was even nice enough to cover my last on-air break for the Party Pontoon so I could hit the water.  I could have stayed out there for hours, but it took a lot of energy to stay balanced at the top of those water-rocket boots.  As I became winded I couldn't seem to get enough air trapped inside that tight wet suit.  After just a few minutes of Iron Man-flying... I was done.  Not that I wouldn't want to do it again, but my old bones (and gut, stuck in that suit) wouldn't allow it.

Thanks to the guys at Hydro Fly of Central Texas for letting me get elevated.  My boys once again think I'm the cool dad that does cool things.  I didn't bite the dust.  I also didn't do anything very cool while up there, but I've lowered both my boys' expectations over the years that just by surviving & not ending up in the hospital I get cool points.