Hey Gang,

Time for a Big Q Tip.  Few weeks ago my spatula died.  It didn’t line up correctly in the drawer and, as I was “straightening it out”, in broke in two.  After burying it in the back yard and then telling the neighbors that it was visiting its family in Kentucky, I went and bought a new one. 

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It was fancy.  It was a “fashion” color, with staggered tiny holes.  Why? I have no idea.  After the last spatula I was not in the mood for conversation, I just wanted to use it.  Yea, baby, that’s it…work those eggs.  Yea, that’s nice.  Flip that flap-jack you dirty spatula.  What the!?

Michael Behan Photos

Your dirty?  How in the world are you dirty?  I scrubbed you down hard last night with a scouring pad.  You leave me no choice.  I’ll have to use a blade on you.  Son of Beatle! I cut myself trying to clean you!  That’s it for you then.

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Big Q Tip.  Stay away from the pretty ones.  A high maintenance spatula is just not worth it.  If you like a spatula with holes in it, then make sure the holes are big enough to clean.

Michael Behan Photos

Wish we had a Spatula City...