Hey Gang,

Time again for the Big Q Tip.  I got to thinking yesterday, after I wrote about getting fired from the “real” job that I had.  The thing I hated the most was the dress code.

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I have to thank my lucky stars that I’m in radio.  Yes, a prerequisite is that you have to have a face for the job.  Check.  Plus, you have to be comfortable.  You see, my livelihood depends on being “creative”.  And a person can’t be creative in a tie. 

O.K. I can hear you yelling already.  Yes, you can create things in a tie.  Such as spread sheets, memo’s, Laws, a good noose, and, well, you get the idea.  When I say comfortable, I mean uninhibited, that is to say, like Adam, before he took a bite, but with clothing.  Luckily, the dress code here is business casual.  In truth, I don’t

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know what that means. I did just read an article on myus105 about business casual mistakes, and all I really took from that is that you should focus more on the “business”, then the “casual”. In a perfect world I’d be in a room all by myself, but advertisers, on occasion,  want to “cut” their own commercial.  At this time they have to deal with me, and my version of business casual.  Since I’m larger than some of the average bears out there, my loose fitting clothing could be hiding a circus.

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Interesting side note; in junior high I learned a cool trick.  I would pull my gym shorts away from my body and ask a girl. “hey, you like my new shoes”?

Of course these days I would never do that. ;)

I mainly try to be “clean”.  You could be decked out in a tux, but if you don't clean yourself, it's like putting a flower on a pile of dung.

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Remember, if you smell nice, you are nice.  Unless you have lice, then you smell nice with lice.  And if you lived in Nice, then of course, you’d smell nice with lice, in Nice.  I have no idea what you smell like if you live on Nephew.

In short,( too late), try to work from home. Your Big Q Tip for today.

Smell my pits, I dare you!