Hey Gang,

The Big Q Tip today has to do with emotion.  You never want to get to emotional over anything if you can help it.  The less serious you take things, the less of an impact something will have on you when it goes wrong.  Of course something will always goe wrong.  It’s what we like to term “Drama”.  A Shakespeare play has “drama”, your life should not. 


You’ve might have heard by now about the 21 year-old lady who failed her driving test.  Yea, she got irate and upset that instructor failed her for hitting a cone. So of course she then tried to drive over the instructor when said instructor got out of the car.  She missed.  I hate it when the cones move!    If you have this much rage before you even get a license, you don’t need to be driving.  You need to be walking…to therapy.

The Big Q Tip:  Don’t be afraid of failure.  It will happen.  Find out how you failed, fix it, and then try again.  Remember the words of Thomas Edison when speaking about the lightbulb… “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Be happy, damn it! ;)