Hey Gang,

I'm getting older.  It's true, and so are you.  Don't fight it.  If you get "work" done on a minor level, fine, O.K., but sometimes you have to know when to quit.  One thing for sure, leave the lips alone!  Animal House gave me a life lesson quote. "Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son." Please allow me to pass one on as well.  "Duck! Should not be something you answer to."


I saw Goldie Hawn on the BBC the other night.  Ouch!  It looked like she just got fresh shots earlier in the week.  I love Goldie.  I always loved seeing her on Laugh-in.  No matter how "stupid", or "ditzy" she acted, there was always gleam in her eyes that said "I'm really smarter than you in real life".  I loved that.

Now I have no idea what it's like being in the public eye at the level she's at.  I have no idea the pressure Goldie, or anyone in Hollywood, is under to stay "young".  But if looking like a Duck is the answer, we need to stop asking the question.  Where is her support staff?  Who looks at balloon ass lips and says, hot?  The first question should be, "are you having an allergic reaction?"  "Where is the Epipen?" "Should we call 911?"

I see women who I grew up with, and that I found attractive, and they're still beautiful today, because I'm not seeing the outer shell, I'm seeing the person they were within.  That's the part you need to keep lovely.  If that inner shell still shines bright, it will break through the outer shell which, let's face it, will always succumb to nature.

Don't let the hacks with the scalpels and hypodermics fool you, we've yet to win the battle of aging.

The Big Q Tip: Keep the Butt Fat in the Butt.