We've all heard the phrase, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time".  It's pretty straight forward, unless of course, we're dealing with Florida.  When Floridiots are involved, all bets are out the window... and it gives us a chance for a Stupid News Network Update.

I wouldn't try to use your cell mate as a human shield... they may get the wrong idea. Photo courtesy iStock Photo

Say what you want about a human being's "fight or flight" instinct.  When you use a child, especially your own child, as a human shield, it's about the lowest form of cowardice you'll ever see.  When you hold up a baby to protect yourself, you're basically saying that, despite you ruining your life beyond repair, your freedom from jail is more important than the health & well-being of an innocent baby.

The Tampa Bay Times relays the story of Matthew Wehunt, who was being hunted by authorities on a charge for theft of a vehicle.  After police approached the front door & identified themselves, no one came to the door.  After seeing movement inside, the police knocked again, again identifying themselves.  It was about this time that police noticed their perp through the window holding a 3-month-old baby as a human shield.

Details are sketchy from here, but let me offer my best guess, considering this is a Stupid News Network Update from Florida.  I'm guessing one of his baby-mamas reluctantly opened the door, Matthew ran to a rear room to hide under a urine-soaked mattress, and screamed about his love for his baby-mama as he's dragged out of the home in handcuffs.  I'm also willing to be that, at some point in time, the phrase "I love you!!  I can't quit you!!" was used by one (or both) parties involved.

Three other children under the age of four were found in the house, and three women in the home face obstruction charges for lying to police about the whereabouts of Wehunt.  With a fine example like this I'm willing to bet that (at least) one of the young children present in the home will one day use one of their own children as a human shield.  "I learned it from watching you, OK!!!".  It's the circle of life.