The Stupid News Network takes a look at what happens when a deranged man in a standoff with police doesn't have access to a gun.  Even if gun control doesn't make us any safer, it sure makes the world a lot funnier.

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WCAX News reports 28-year-old Todd Koshinsky, of Brattleboro, Vermont, was being investigated by Brattleboro's finest for violation of a protective order when he decided to fight back.  We've seen incidents throughout America's entire existence of police officers being caught in a situation that escalates into a gun battle.  From the early days of the colonies, on through the wild west days, to the Dirty Harry days, up to the present day where it'll sometimes take an entire SWAT unit to take down one lone person with firepower, police face the imminent threat of death every day they're on the job.

Maybe the constant threat of coming face to face with an armed man (even for the Super Troopers in Vermont) is what makes this a very laughable conclusion to a possibly dangerous situation.  Koshinsky answered our original question of what happens when a deranged man looking to harm the police can't find a gun... you go with the brick.

Upon approaching Koshinsky, officers were met with resistance.  One officer was punched while another was attacked by the brick-wielding crazy man.  Luckily, only minor injuries were reported both to the officer and to the suspect.  Laugh all you want at the Facebook jokes about the woman that attacked the capitol.  "How'd she get a gun?  I thought DC was a gun-free zone!!", I read time and time again on Facebook.

Yuck it up, folks, but at least take a look at the comparison at the difference between a gun being involved (DC) and a gun not being involved (brick-man), and you'll quickly see how much more entertaining the world can be when man is forced to use his caveman instincts to fight the power.