Hey Gang

Big Q Tip time once again.  It seems there are some women out there who are self conscience about their weight.  I realize that it’s hard to believe but it’s true.  Well here’s a tip.  If you want "no pressure" on your weight, then date a fat guy.  We don’t care.  Really.  Are you giving us love? Then we're fine, eat what you want.  That would be a great feeling to have right?  No pressure on weight loss.  Now if you date some Yabbo that has 2 percent body fat or less, well of course he’ll question you every single time you go for ice cream, or want a second helping of meat loaf.  What a tool!  A fat guy wouldn’t question it, we’d say; "Pick me up another plate too as long as your up".

Another reason to date a fat guy is the Teddy Bear Syndrome.  After Valentines Day TBS should be obvious.  How many bins of Teddy Bears were there crowding the aisles?  Plenty.  You all want a big Teddy Bear, admit it.  Well if you date a fat guy, you get a big Teddy Bear with a heart beat.  Sure it might be a labored heart beat, but it's a heart beat none the less.  If, by chance, you date a fat man with only a little bit of  body hair, then get a fur coat for him to wear.  You can’t wear fur any longer, it’s not fashionable.  Can’t afford a fur coat, then get a furry Snuggie.

Just think what you really want, thin and judgmental, or fat and loyal?  No question, fat is where it’s at ladies.

Big Q Tip, Don’t be a door mat, adore fat.