Hey Gang,

Slept in today so I really didn’t have any “Tip” planned, but as I was looking for a parking space this morning, I sort of fell into one. 

Michael Behan Photos

You see, yesterday I was out front taking a “fresh air” break, and I noticed that the warehouse down the street was expanding.  I made mention of it to the others outside with me, they responded with, “how does this affect me”?  I said it doesn’t.  They said “then shut up and breathe your fresh air”.  (I work with some fun folks, really I do.)

Well this morning the parking lot was full, so I had to park in the back at an angle and that’s when I noticed that the warehouse down the street is not adding on, it was actually a whole new warehouse being built behind that.

Michael Behan Photos

I then thought, I could us this as a metaphor for looking at a problem.  Here we go.

Before you tackle a problem head on, you should step to the side to make sure that “problem” you see before you is really the problem, or is it just an illusion, and the real problem is hiding behind it.

Your welcome?