Sometimes a Stupid News Network Update is hard to find.  Not that there aren't plenty of stupid people doing stupid things, but I tire quickly of the stories involving kids or a gruesome death.  That's why I was pleasantly surprised to find today's SNN Update.

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It shouldn't need to be said, but in today's world I shouldn't be surprised that people need to be told that paying your bills with crack cocaine is not advisable.  That happened in Deltona, FL recently as a resident handed a cashier at the the Deltona Water office an envelope with a white powder inside.

After evacuating the building, HAZMAT was called in to investigate.  Luckily the chef behind this white powder was more New Jack City than a bored redneck making ricin. After testing the powder and finding it to be crack, the sheriff's office noted that there are surveillance cameras in the water building.  That should make this a great future episode of "World's Dumbest" on True TV.

I know I should be rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably, but this is a stupid mistake that will continue to affect the crackhead.  First, offering up your stash of crack to the water department means another home will have to be broken into for more crack money.  It also means someone used a crack pipe to smoke a cashier's check made out to the water department later that day (maybe even in the parking lot out front).