Hey Gang,

Big Q back again.  Must be a weekday.  Just read a story about another music fest in Austin.  Must be a weekday.  This one was called Psych Fest.  Nope, not Psychics, psychedelic music fest.  Yea, people get high with music playing in the background.  If this sounds like your back bedroom, this could be a “fest” for you. That got me thinking about festivals.            People love them.  Even back in Medieval times, and that says a lot because, bathing was a yearly thing back then so a huge gathering of people could cause a bit of a stink…literally!  I grew up in town that started a little festival and it grew into a world event.  It started out being just a party for Norwegians in the area.  We invited the other Scandinavian folks around the area, you know, to stop the inner breeding.

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After a few years that turned into a party for Scandinavians in the state, followed by a few more states, Canada, followed by the United States, then the real Norway showed up, followed by the real Finland,

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Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark, and now it’s the largest North America Scandinavian Festival.  It’s call Norsk Hostfest.  And this year it'll be held from October 1st through the 5th.  Plus, this year, they'll be celebrating the life of the person who help get it started, Chester Reiten.  Chester recently passed at the age of 89.


The Big Q Tip,  if you want to start a festival, a few things you must have.  Family ties, Beer, Food, Music, and friendly local government.  Come on, think about it, you always invite the doctor to the baby shower right?